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A Company founded on Values

Negri Lame’s main asset consists of its principles of ethical conduct and maximum transparency in all business dealings, compliance with the commitments undertaken, flexibility, an approach aiming for continuous improvement, and unwavering attention to customer requirements. Such values bear witness to the positive correlation between the culture of the company and its achievements, in an on-going attempt to optimise its products and processes.

Ethics and Transparency

In business relationships: conceived as integrity that is the basis from which customer trust in Negri Lame is born and grows day after day.


With the commitments undertaken, respect for every individual, for other people’s work, and the community where the company operates, for a growth that will prove sustainable over time.

Continuous Improvement

A strong focus on excellences, in the services and the solutions offered, to meet customer needs promptly and effectively.

Customer centrality

A pillar of competitiveness and a principle inspiring the daily commitment of Negri Lame to improve its effectiveness in three areas: quality, costs and times, all factors of decisive importance in terms of customer satisfaction.