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Between Tradition and Innovation

Its longstanding experience in the manufacture of circular blades, the selection of the best steel, the development of special finishes over the entire knife range, designed to ensure constant quality over time, together with the adoption of technologically advanced manufacturing systems, are the distinctive characteristics of Negri Lame and the foundation of its success.

Company strategy is perfectly in line with its mission: to be recognised, in the home market and the foreign markets alike, as the go-to supplier for the production of high quality circular cutting tools.

The business model adopted by Negri Lame is based on the high degree of flexibility that enables the company to meet customer requests on a timely basis, ensuring compliance with the schedulea agreed upon and effective cost control. Through its personnel, the company handles in-house all relationships with customers in the Italian and foreign markets, according to an approach and a long-term perspective that facilitates the communication and decision making processes, all to the advantage of overall company efficiency.