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Flat Knives

Flat blades are mounted on either normal or pneumatic blade holders and are used in scissor-like cutting tools.
The table lists some of the sizes used most widely by the market and available for immediate delivery in our warehouses.
It should be noted that we can make other types of circular blade, based on your specifications or samples.

Negri Lame - Flat Knives
Dimensions Bevels
A B S 1 2 3
90/105 60 1.2  
130 80 2.5    
180 70 5    
200 65 2.5    
200 90 5    
203.2 73 2.5    
Other measures on request


Negri Lame has been specializing for more than 50 years in the production of industrial knives with applications in many sectors - paper transformation, flexible materials, non-woven, plastic and aluminium films, and flexible abrasives.